Why is The Table a Two Hour Long Service?

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Well, we have a lot going on. Our services are intentionally designed to cultivate relationships and strengthen our presence with God and each other. We typically try to wrap up sooner than two-hours, but we also want to allow that space for meaningful interactions.

Brunch. At 10:30, brunch begins, and this is where we are all sharing meals together and getting to know one-another. This feels less like church, and more like getting together with new and old friends.

Worship & Teaching. Following brunch, the “church” elements start. We do a couple of songs of worship and occasionally hear a short testimony from someone. Songs and stories are followed by a short sermon out of the Scriptures.

Conversations. The teaching is followed by about fifteen minutes of conversations around the tables. Here, you have the opportunity to hear from others, discuss practical application, share your agreements or disagreements, and learn to grow in the knowledge and grace of Jesus within the context of community.

Closing. Our closing time typically involves a final worship song, communion, or corporate prayer.

Here is what we often hear from visitors and regulars:

“Wow, that didn’t feel like two-hours at all. I didn’t even need to look at my watch!”

“I didn’t know if I wanted to be at church for two-hours, but I was surprised to realize that I actually needed it.”

“I have met and connected with more people on one Sunday than I have after months of visiting other places.”

“I appreciated the flexibility of the service. Creating space for community is essential.”

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